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Handmade art by furniture craftsmen
Sequoia Furniture Group

Beautiful and artistic embossing
Sequoia Furniture Group

High quality fabrics
Sequoia Furniture Group

Use high quality sponge
Sequoia Furniture Group

Cold foam first class
Sequoia Furniture Group

Super beech stick
Sequoia Furniture Group

About Sequoia Furniture Group

What we have been able to do in Sequoia during these 23 years:

Sequoia Wood Industry has been operating since 1996 and over the past year has been able to provide the Melman market with a variety of products in this country.

With over 4,700 square meters of production space and employing more than 55 staff in product development and sales, the complex is moving forward. All the products of the company have 24 months warranty from the date of production and the distinct aftermarket service of this collection has made it one of the leading manufacturers of this product.

It should be noted that the use of the best raw materials, advanced machinery and equipment and committed and experienced personnel has made the company's products differentiated in the market and satisfied the customers.

Why U.S?

For 6 reasons we recommend Sequoia Furniture Group

In Sequoia Furniture Group, the use of high quality and high quality wood is always an important principle and hence all our products use high quality wood which ensures high quality and durability.

All Sequoia Furniture Group products use high-density, high-density cold foam, which makes the mattresses of the product extremely durable.

One of the uses of furniture sponges is in the categories and behind the product that Sequoia Furniture Group uses high density 30kg sponges.

All fabrics used in Sequoia Furniture Group products are of high quality and up-to-date fabrics, all of which are carefully selected by expert technicians.

Art of wood carving in Iran has long been of great importance so Sequoia Furniture Group has created beautiful and unique products by using sophisticated machinery and handicrafts by Iranian artisans.

And finally, with all the preceding steps and using the skilled work of Sequoia Furniture Group, it will have a beautiful and unique product as a memorable companion in your home.